[What is a Employment Agreement?]

Nigerian Employment Agreement

An Employment Agreement is used when an employee is hired or re-hired, and states the compensation the employee will receive, and any other terms and conditions of employment that may exist. Typically, employment agreements cover such topics as rate and frequency of payment, vacation time, confidential obligations (if any), benefits or stock options, termination period, and several related details.

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Governing Jurisdiction:


Employer Information:


Employee Information:


Employment Details:

Employment Details:
A probationary period is a time period at the beginning of employment designed for training and adjustment to the position. If the employee is not performing well, he or she may be terminated with or without cause.

Payment Details:

(e.g. The Employee will receive thirty (30) percent of his sales.)
(e.g. The Employee will receive thirty (30) percent of his sales.)

Payment Frequency:


Additional Details:

Additional Details:
Here, you can restrict your employee from competing (e.g. starting or helping to start a company/organization that can take away your business), soliciting (e.g. trying to recruit your workers or partners away from you), and disclosing confidential information (e.g. telling your business details or secrets to the public or to a competitor).

Termination Details:


Additional Clauses:

(eg: I wish for the Employee to... This Agreement will...)

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