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Wall of Shame

Occasionally, we are defrauded by unscrupulous individuals who purport to pay for our services and then reverse charges. In these events, we try to work with all parties involved to ensure mutual satisfaction.

Sometimes we are unable to resolve the situation in a mutually acceptable manner. In these circumstances, it is our policy to send the account to collections and alert the appropriate authorities as to the fraudulent transaction. We also post details of the individuals involved as a public service to warn others - be careful when dealing with the people below!

The most recent Wall of Shame entries are as follows:

Milena Dimova purchased a site subscription on Feb 28, 2014 (and subsequently reversed charges) to build a Child Travel Consent for her child Nicole George Miteva, born on March 26th 2004, in Croydon, UK bearing passport number: 514587458 issued on June 17th 2013. Milena Dimova lives at: 10 Ashdown Court, 30 Cedar Rd, in Sutton, Surrey, England. Milena accessed our systems from IP address (host-92-21-26-118.as13285.net)

Hans Werner Meenken purchased a bill of sale on May 13, 2014 (and subsequently reversed charges) to purchase an aircraft (a 1968 Robin DR-315 Petit Prince bearing registration number: G-BGVB) for £13045 (GBP) from Peter Leggo of Cambridge, England. Hans's registered address is Dahlienstrasse 23, 26939 Ovelgoenne, Germany; however he resides at Ludwig-Freese-Str.20 26133 Oldenburg, Germany. Hans accessed our systems from IP Address (dyndsl-085-016-196-059.ewe-ip-backbone.de)

John England purchased a site subscription on May 12, 2014 (and subsequently reversed charges) to build an Employment Agreement between ADEM Holdings, LLC of 116 A W Duval, Troup, Texas 75789 and Wilma C Salvador of Poblacion, Alicia, Zamboanga Sibugay 7040 Philippines. John lives at 408 Audrey Street, Whitehouse, TX 75791. John accessed our systems from IP Address (c74-196-122-244.dh.suddenlink.net).

Allen Roy Smeltzer purchased a promissory note for himself and Kurt Martinez, both living at 3735 Schulman Rd, Garden City KS 67846 on Sept 14 2010. After purchase, over the proceeding 4 days, Allen revised the document 20 times from ip address (ip24-255-149-50.ks.ks.cox.net) - Cox networks in Kansas. It looks like Allen borrowed $15,000 from Kurt.

It looks like Kurt may have had a lot of money to lend! Around September 18, 2007, he was one of 3 Plaintiffs in a Personal Injury (Product Liability) Lawsuit against Acme Dock Specialists, Inc. and Autoquip Corporation.

The story continues... Allen really needed to borrow $15,000 from Kurt. As of October 2009, Allen declared bankruptcy, having liabilities of $113,179, but $63,770 in assets. Allen Roy Smeltzer owed $49,409. For a 61 year old man, that is pretty sad. Actually, to declare bankruptcy for a debt under $50,000 is pretty pathetic. Why couldn't his relatives, Ann R Smeltzer and Marlene A Smeltzer help him out? Allen Roy Smeltzer sure has bad financial planning abilities. How sad.

Allen Roy Smeltzer: if you had contacted us with your sob story earlier, we would have given you this promissory note for free! No need to steal it from us. We don't want you to lose sleep over $29.95.

If anyone else operates a business that has been defrauded by Allen, please contact us.

Allen and Kurt: If you believe your name was entered in error, or if any of the information above is incorrect, please contact us