Child Care Agreement (Pakistan)

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A Child Care Agreement (also known as a Babysitting Contract, Babysitting Agreement, or Child Care Services Agreement) is a contract between a child care worker (e.g. nanny or babysitter) and the parents or guardians of a child. Having a Child Care contract is especially important for long-term caregivers or those who will be spending a lot of time with your child, as it prevents misunderstandings and clarifies exactly what you and the caregiver expect from each other.

Common information included in a Child Care Agreement is the personal information of the guardians and caregiver (names, addresses, phone numbers), and an address of the location where child care will occur. The child's information is also a key part of the document: name, age, and other relevant information should be included for each child. In case of an infant, the parents may wish to include a feeding schedule or other special instructions, and the Child Care contract is a great way to document that information. Equally important is the case of a child with medical conditions. The contract should outline the medical condition(s), what medication(s) the child is on, a schedule for when the child should take medications, the physician's name and contact information, and what to do in case of an emergency. Finally, any specific rules or schedules for what the child is supposed to do or not do will make life easier for both parties.

Of course, the Child Care Agreement should also outline the compensation that the child care worker and employer have agreed upon, including a payment schedule and the method of payment. Holiday time, schedule of hours worked, specific responsibilities of the child care worker, and anything else that you feel is important should also be included in the contract.

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