Documatica Notice of Harassment

A Notice of Harassment is used by a victim of bullying or other harassment (after appropriate records of the bullying have been made) to notify the bully's parents, teachers, and/or principal of the nature of events that are occurring. The recipient will then be obligated to address the situation or face additional liability for the bully's actions. The Notice of Harassment form is available free of charge, for all common law jurisdictions in the United States and Canada.

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Before making a Notice of Harassment, ensure that you have read the instructions and have records of each bullying incident handy (including dates, places, and events). Due to the highly specific nature of this form, it is very computationally intensive. Please be patient as we are processing your responses.


Governing Jurisdiction:


Create Notices For:


Victim Information:


Principal's Information:


Teacher's Information:


Bully's Parent Information:


Bully's Information:

Descriptions of Events:
Please describe each bullying event in 1-3 complete sentences.


An imminent physical threat is a threat that could have led to immediate physical harm to the victim. An example would be holding a knife to the Victim's throat, and then pulling it away. Statements like "I will slit your throat tomorrow!" would be considered a non-imminent physical threat.

Physical Harm Event 1:

Physical Harm Event 2:

Physical Harm Event 3:

Physical Harm Event 4:

Physical Harm Event 5:

Physical Harm Event 6:

Physical Harm Event 7:

Physical Harm Event 8:

Physical Harm Event 9:

Physical Harm Event 10:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 1:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 2:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 3:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 4:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 5:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 6:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 7:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 8:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 9:

Imminent Physical Threat Event 10:


Threats and Intimidation:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 1:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 2:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 3:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 4:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 5:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 6:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 7:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 8:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 9:

Non-Imminent Physical Threat Event 10:

Loved One Threat Event 1:

Loved One Threat Event 2:

Loved One Threat Event 3:

Loved One Threat Event 4:

Loved One Threat Event 5:

Loved One Threat Event 6:

Loved One Threat Event 7:

Loved One Threat Event 8:

Loved One Threat Event 9:

Loved One Threat Event 10:

Property Threat Event 1:

Property Threat Event 2:

Property Threat Event 3:

Property Threat Event 4:

Property Threat Event 5:

Property Threat Event 6:

Property Threat Event 7:

Property Threat Event 8:

Property Threat Event 9:

Property Threat Event 10:

Other Threat Event 1:

Other Threat Event 2:

Other Threat Event 3:

Other Threat Event 4:

Other Threat Event 5:

Other Threat Event 6:

Other Threat Event 7:

Other Threat Event 8:

Other Threat Event 9:

Other Threat Event 10:



Extortion is defined as the act of taking money or personal property from someone, using threats or physical force. It is also called blackmail in common language.

Extortion Event 1:

Extortion Event 2:

Extortion Event 3:

Extortion Event 4:

Extortion Event 5:

Extortion Event 6:

Extortion Event 7:

Extortion Event 8:

Extortion Event 9:

Extortion Event 10:



Theft Event 1:

Theft Event 2:

Theft Event 3:

Theft Event 4:

Theft Event 5:

Theft Event 6:

Theft Event 7:

Theft Event 8:

Theft Event 9:

Theft Event 10:


Harassment/Sexual Harassment:

Humiliation Event 1:

Humiliation Event 2:

Humiliation Event 3:

Humiliation Event 4:

Humiliation Event 5:

Humiliation Event 6:

Humiliation Event 7:

Humiliation Event 8:

Humiliation Event 9:

Humiliation Event 10:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 1:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 2:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 3:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 4:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 5:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 6:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 7:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 8:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 9:

Non-Sexual Teasing Event 10:

Sexual Teasing Event 1:

Sexual Teasing Event 2:

Sexual Teasing Event 3:

Sexual Teasing Event 4:

Sexual Teasing Event 5:

Sexual Teasing Event 6:

Sexual Teasing Event 7:

Sexual Teasing Event 8:

Sexual Teasing Event 9:

Sexual Teasing Event 10:

Telephone Harassment Event 1:

Telephone Harassment Event 2:

Telephone Harassment Event 3:

Telephone Harassment Event 4:

Telephone Harassment Event 5:

Telephone Harassment Event 6:

Telephone Harassment Event 7:

Telephone Harassment Event 8:

Telephone Harassment Event 9:

Telephone Harassment Event 10:

Written Harassment Event 1:

Written Harassment Event 2:

Written Harassment Event 3:

Written Harassment Event 4:

Written Harassment Event 5:

Written Harassment Event 6:

Written Harassment Event 7:

Written Harassment Event 8:

Written Harassment Event 9:

Written Harassment Event 10:

Electronic Harassment Event 1:

Electronic Harassment Event 2:

Electronic Harassment Event 3:

Electronic Harassment Event 4:

Electronic Harassment Event 5:

Electronic Harassment Event 6:

Electronic Harassment Event 7:

Electronic Harassment Event 8:

Electronic Harassment Event 9:

Electronic Harassment Event 10:

Abuse of Authority Event 1:

Abuse of Authority Event 2:

Abuse of Authority Event 3:

Abuse of Authority Event 4:

Abuse of Authority Event 5:

Abuse of Authority Event 6:

Abuse of Authority Event 7:

Abuse of Authority Event 8:

Abuse of Authority Event 9:

Abuse of Authority Event 10:

Unwelcome Advances Event 1:

Unwelcome Advances Event 2:

Unwelcome Advances Event 3:

Unwelcome Advances Event 4:

Unwelcome Advances Event 5:

Unwelcome Advances Event 6:

Unwelcome Advances Event 7:

Unwelcome Advances Event 8:

Unwelcome Advances Event 9:

Unwelcome Advances Event 10:



Mischief Event 1:

Mischief Event 2:

Mischief Event 3:

Mischief Event 4:

Mischief Event 5:

Mischief Event 6:

Mischief Event 7:

Mischief Event 8:

Mischief Event 9:

Mischief Event 10:



Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 1:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 2:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 3:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 4:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 5:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 6:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 7:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 8:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 9:

Physical/Mental Discrimination Event 10:

Racial Discrimination Event 1:

Racial Discrimination Event 2:

Racial Discrimination Event 3:

Racial Discrimination Event 4:

Racial Discrimination Event 5:

Racial Discrimination Event 6:

Racial Discrimination Event 7:

Racial Discrimination Event 8:

Racial Discrimination Event 9:

Racial Discrimination Event 10:

Sexual Discrimination Event 1:

Sexual Discrimination Event 2:

Sexual Discrimination Event 3:

Sexual Discrimination Event 4:

Sexual Discrimination Event 5:

Sexual Discrimination Event 6:

Sexual Discrimination Event 7:

Sexual Discrimination Event 8:

Sexual Discrimination Event 9:

Sexual Discrimination Event 10:

Religious Discrimination Event 1:

Religious Discrimination Event 2:

Religious Discrimination Event 3:

Religious Discrimination Event 4:

Religious Discrimination Event 5:

Religious Discrimination Event 6:

Religious Discrimination Event 7:

Religious Discrimination Event 8:

Religious Discrimination Event 9:

Religious Discrimination Event 10:



Slander and libel consist of making untrue statements that damage the reputation of the Victim.

Graffiti Event 1:

Graffiti Event 2:

Graffiti Event 3:

Graffiti Event 4:

Graffiti Event 5:

Graffiti Event 6:

Graffiti Event 7:

Graffiti Event 8:

Graffiti Event 9:

Graffiti Event 10:

Written Libel Event 1:

Written Libel Event 2:

Written Libel Event 3:

Written Libel Event 4:

Written Libel Event 5:

Written Libel Event 6:

Written Libel Event 7:

Written Libel Event 8:

Written Libel Event 9:

Written Libel Event 10:

Electronic Libel Event 1:

Electronic Libel Event 2:

Electronic Libel Event 3:

Electronic Libel Event 4:

Electronic Libel Event 5:

Electronic Libel Event 6:

Electronic Libel Event 7:

Electronic Libel Event 8:

Electronic Libel Event 9:

Electronic Libel Event 10:

Slander Event 1:

Slander Event 2:

Slander Event 3:

Slander Event 4:

Slander Event 5:

Slander Event 6:

Slander Event 7:

Slander Event 8:

Slander Event 9:

Slander Event 10:



We recommend signing this notice in front of a notary public, or alternately a witness. Ideally, the witness should be an independent third party who is not related to you. In addition, the Victim will need to sign the notice, affirming that he or she is telling the truth.

Date of Delivery: