[What is a Child Care Agreement?]

Philippines Child Care Agreement

A Child Care Agreement is used to establish an agreement between the guardians of a child (e.g. the parents) and a child care worker (e.g. babysitter or nanny) as to the terms of the employment. For example, it lists the compensation of the child care worker, whether they are allowed to bring friends into the home, whether the guardians will provide food or beverages, and other issues.

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Governing Jurisdiction:


Legal Guardian Information:

Legal Guardian Information:
A child's legal guardian is the person whom they live with, and who takes care of them. In most cases, this is the parents, or a single parent if there is not joint custody.

Here, Address should be the address at which the child care will take place.

Caretaker's Information:


Child Information:


First Child's Information:


Second Child's Information:


Third Child's Information:


Fourth Child's Information:


Fifth Child's Information:


Sixth Child's Information:


Terms of Contract:

(e.g. if you're paying $5.00 per hour to look after 3 children, this will be $15.00 per hour)

Additional Information:

(e.g. If the Caretaker breaks any valuable items, the value of such items will be deducted from his/her paycheque)

Signing Information: