Philippines Notice to Pay Rent

A Notice to Pay Rent is a legal notice sent by a Landlord to a Tenant when the tenant has failed to pay the full rent due in a timely manner. The notice outlines how much rent is due, when it is due, and the method of payment. If the tenant ignores the notice the landlord may further pursue the issue with a Demand for Compliance Letter or similar form, or terminate the lease.

Simply answer the questions below to personalize your Notice to Pay Rent

Governing Jurisdiction:


Tenant Information:


Property Information:


Landlord Information:


Lease Information:


Payment Information:

Nature of Overdue Rent:
Breakdown of the rent could be something like: $300.00 for May 2024, plus $214.00 for appliance repair in June 2024.
Payment of Overdue Rent:

Signing Information:

Date of Signing, if known:
Proof of Service: A proof of service provides written evidence that the tenant was served with this form.