USA Publishing and Copyright Agreement

A Publishing or Copyright Agreement is a contract between the creator of a work (e.g. author of a book) and a party who will be receiving the rights to publish and/or market the work. The agreement states important details such as whether the rights are exclusive or non-exclusive, the permitted formats of use or reproduction, the payment of royalties, and the duration of the agreement.

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Governing Jurisdiction:

Author's Information:


Author's Work:

Examples of categories are fiction, poetry, illustration, etc.

Publisher Information:

The Publisher's specialty may be fiction books, children's books, poetry books, photographic exhibitions, etc.

Nature of Rights:

Duration of Agreement:


Geographic Limitations:


Permitted Formats:

Choose all formats that ARE permitted:


Royalty Payments:

Royalty Formula:

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Sales Tracking and Payment:


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To ensure the validity of this document, we recommend the presence of a notary public and at least one witness.

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