Final Legal Notice (Germany)

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A Final Legal Notice, or Final Notice Before Legal Action, is a legal form sent to a party that has repeatedly failed to pay some money or balance owing. Essentially the letter states that the party must now pay within a specified time period, or face legal action or referral to a collection agency. Examples of parties you may wish to serve with a Final Legal Notice are customers, clients, suppliers, employers, employees, business partners, or others with whom you have done business.

This document serves several functions:

  1. It gives one last chance for the party to resolve the issue.
  2. It serves as a final warning before legal action is initiated.
  3. It may intimidate the other party into settling the matter before legal action commences.

The Final Notice Before Legal Action form may be used in a number of circumstances, such as debt recovery, recovery for a non-sufficient funds (NSF) check, or a breach of any other financial agreement between two parties. For more information about a Final Legal Notice, or to customize your own document, see below.

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