New Zealand Child Acting Consent

A Child Acting Consent is used by a child's parent(s) or guardian(s) to grant the child permission to participate in a production (for example, a play, motion picture, or television show). It specifies whether the child will have an escort while on set, and also states the parent's/guardian's contact information.

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Governing Jurisdiction:

Parent/Guardian Information:

A child's legal guardian is the person they live with, and who takes care of them. In most cases, this is the parents, or a single parent if there is not joint custody.

Guardian's Residence:

Contact Information:


Child's Information:

Personal Information:

Child's Residence:


Production Information:



An escort is someone who helps supervise your child and accompanies them while they are participating in the production.

Length of Agreement:


Signing Conditions:

We recommend that this form be notarized, to ensure its validity.
You may leave the date blank if you do not know it.