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[Free Residential Rental/Lease Documents]

Philippines Residential Rental/Lease

[What is a Residential Rental/Lease?]

Simply answer the questions below to personalize your Residential Rental/Lease

A Residential Lease Agreement is used when a Landlord wishes to rent or lease property to a Tenant for residential and possibly home-based business purposes. For example, this form would be used to rent out an apartment or basement suite.

This document is accurate and up to date! It was last reviewed by a lawyer in April 2014.

... or customize one below.


Governing Jurisdiction:

This rental/lease will be governed by the laws of which nation?
Select a State / Territory:

Landlord Information:

How many Landlords are there?
First Landlord's name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2: (optional)
Is the Landlord a corporation?
Yes No

Tenant Information:

How many Tenants are there?
First Tenant's name:
Address Line 1:
Address Line 2: (optional)
Is the Tenant a corporation?
Yes No

Housing Style:

Select the type of housing:

Location of Housing:

State/Province and Country:

Number of Rooms:

Do you wish to specify the number of bedrooms?
Yes No
Do you wish to specify the number of bathrooms?
Yes No


Is furniture included?


Are appliances included?


Will the Tenant(s) have access to amenities?


Will the Tenant(s) have access to parking?
Yes No

Select all special parking features that apply:

Heated Parking Lot
Yes No
Covered Parking Lot
Yes No
Block Heater Outlet
Yes No
Do you wish to describe the parking location?
Yes No
What is the parking fee, per month (e.g. 20.00)?

Home Business:

Will the Tenant be allowed to operate a home-based business?
Yes No

Other Occupants:

Will other occupants be allowed without the Landlord's written permission?


Will pets be allowed in the housing?


Will the Tenant(s) be allowed to smoke in the housing?
Yes No
Are there smokers in nearby units/residences?
Yes No

Lease Start Date:

Do you know when you will be starting this lease?
Yes No
Day of Month:
Is the date of occupancy the same as the start date?
Yes No


Is an inspection report required on move-in?
Yes No

Signing Incentives:

Will the Landlord(s) be providing signing incentives?

Length of Lease:

This agreement will:
When will the agreement end?
Day of Month:

Amount of Rent:

Enter the amount of each rent payment (e.g. 800.00):
Select the currency:

Security Deposit:

Will the Tenant be paying a security deposit?
Yes No

Other Fees:

Is parking included in the rent?
Yes No
Will the Tenant(s) be paying taxes directly to the Landlord(s)?
Yes No
Will the Tenant(s) be paying taxes directly to the government?
Yes No

Payment Schedule:

How often will the rent be paid?
Enter the due date for payment:

E.g. Monday



Does the cost of Rent include any utilities?
Yes No

Rent Increases:

Rent will increase:

Late Fees:

Will a late fee be charged for late rent?
Yes No
How much will the Tenant(s) be charged for each N.S.F. Check (e.g. 30.00)?


Will interest be charged on late rent?
Yes No
The legal costs of recovering upaid rent will be paid by:

Notice of Entry:

How much notice is required for the Landlord(s) to enter the property?

Landlord Improvements:

Will the Landlord(s) be making improvements to the property?
Yes No

Tenant Improvements:

Will the Tenant be allowed to make improvements to the property?


Will the Tenant(s) be responsible for any maintenance of the property?
Yes No


The Landlord's furnishings/contents will be insured by:
The housing will be insured by:
Insurance for personal injury on the property will be provided by:

Assignment and Subletting:

Will the Tenant(s) be allowed to assign or sublet the lease?

Renewal of Lease:

Can this lease be renewed?

Termination of the Lease:

Notice of termination will be:
Do you wish to add a military clause?
Yes No

Rerent Levy:

Will a rerent levy be charged if the Tenant moves out within 6 months of moving in?
Yes No

Additional Clauses:

Do you wish to add any additional clauses?
Yes No
This agreement will be signed in front of how many witnesses?

Signing Information:

Do you know when you will be signing this lease?
Yes No